The  IPTV SMARTERS  or  TiviMate  is an IPTV player that allows you to integrate third-party IPTV services with M3U links, Xtream codes, and Stalker Portal. You can’t simply download One of these app on a compatible device and watch TV channels or movies&series. You need an IPTV service that supports one of the integration methods, GET YOUR IPTV DETAILS RIGHT NOW FROM: HERE

Tivimate Tv Channels

HOW IT WORK ON FireStick :

Before downloading IPTV Smarters or  TiviMate app we’ll need to get the Downloader of apps in your FireStick. Then, we’ll make necessary changes in our Fire TV settings. Finally, we’ll be able to download TiviMate APK with Downloader.

Part 1: Get Downloader on FireStick

1. Open the FireStick home screen. Go to the Find menu.


2. Select Search at the top.


3. It will open a virtual keyboard on your FireStick.

Virtual Keyboard Menu

4. Start to type Downloader. Select Downloader when it shows up among the suggestions below the keyboard.

Select Downloader From Suggestions

5. Select the Downloader app, which you can recognize by its orange background. Then, on the following screen, select the Get or Download button.


Part 2: Change FireStick Settings

1. Press the home button on your FireStick remote. Go to the settings gear on the far right.

Select Settings

2. Scroll down and select My Fire TV.


3. Choose Developer Options.

If you don’t find  Developer Options,  don’t worry you need only to Press About and press Fire TV Stick  7 times.


4. Find Apps from Unknown Sources. By default, it’s off. Select it to turn it ON.


Now you can comfortably sideload any app installation file (APK) on the FireStick without any issue. Follow the steps below to install TiviMate APK on the FireStick using the Downloader app.

Part 3: Use Downloader to Install IPTV SMARTERS or TiviMate

1. Go to the Apps menu from the FireStick home.


2. Open the Downloader app and select the Enter a URL box on the home screen.


3. It will open a virtual keyboard. Type   “”   or “”  and hit Go at the bottom.

Tivi Mate Url 1

4. Downloader will install the latest IPTV SMARTERS or  TiviMate APK onto your FireStick.

Install Tivimate App 1 1024x576 1

5. Click Install when prompted.

Tivimate Download Process 1

6. After installation, Delete the APK from your device.

Delete Apk File

I suggest that our readers delete the APK file on the FireStick because it no longer serves a purpose—we’ve already used it to install TiviMate. In general, I advise you to keep your FireStick free from unnecessary files and media.

Now IPTV SMARTERS or TiviMate is installed successfully, All you need now is to get your details from Here and start enjoying with your server.

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